Calvary Baptist Church

At Calvary, we invite you to come experience love--God's way!

If you're in need of a 2AM friend, then you're welcome to come join us.

All feet are welcome here, but do come expecting to leave changed.

Calvary Baptist Church - Staff

Meet Our Staff

Collectively our staff has over forty years of ministry experience, most of which is right here at Calvary Baptist Church in Brownfield.

We are a bunch of down-to-earth, fun-loving, "normal" people who just want to love God and love people as best we can.

We have our own set of problems and issues and want to help others go through this journey called life knowing that only God has the answers, Jesus is the only Truth that matters, and the Holy Spirit is the only hope any of us have.

We'd love to get to know you better and hear your story!

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Here at Calvary Baptist we like to see our church as more than just friends and fellow church members, we are FAMILY, brothers and sisters in Christ, leaning on and helping each other in times of need.

Whether you have actual relatives nearby or not, we would love to welcome you into our church family and make sure you know you're not alone and you never have to face life's struggles by  yourself.

Family Groups


There truly is something for everyone at Calvary. We have small groups and ministries for both men and women. If you're in your twenties, a senior saint, or living life in the chaos in between; you have a home here! Life is hard, lets do it together.


We love students and our Student Ministry is focused on walking with our teens and teaching them the Good News while helping them live life for Jesus. We welcome any student from sixth through twelfth grade down in The Vault. Go check out our page on this website to learn more about our student ministry!


The heart of our Children's Ministry is teaching the little ones about God. We have some fun with activities and interactive Bible lessons for grades first through sixth. We haven't left out our babies and preschoolers either; they go to our fully staffed nursery. We also have a class specifically for our four and five year olds.